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4 Updates to Know in 2020 – Before You Do Amazon Search Marketing

Amazon is growing big time and it’s growing big time without a doubt. This isn’t only in terms of e-commerce website but also as a marketing platform. It has seen unprecedented surge in online traffic in recent time and it matters a lot as a digital marketeer. Amazon understands this better and has opened unique ad solutions since then. Here’s the collated few updates that every digital enthusiast should go through along with our previous post on why you should consider Amazon Marketing ?

  1. Product and Category targeting for SP campaigns

Now as we have been hearing the possible deprecation of this format of ads, Amazon introduced some of the best features of PDAs to Sponsored Product (SP) campaigns. Now it lets you target your SP Ads not only by keywords but also by individual product (ASIN) or categories (ASIN genre). This will likely to intense the competition but if you are a good marketeer, you can utilize the feature for your benefit. Hire an expert , if you want to focus on your core business.

  1. Target Ads basis Star Ratings and Price

This is one of the coolest features ever. In addition to product and category targeting, SP manual campaigns can now enjoy more refinements in terms of targeted products’ star ratings and pricing. This is especially useful when you want to do category targeting but don’t want to target products with poor reviews or low pricing. Looking at the other way around, you may not want to target to high star rating products since your chances of winning shoppers’ attention would be relatively low.

  1. Negative Product Targeting

Yes, you read it right. Now you can push product / s as negatives just like keywords. This would be a boon to people who exhaustively use product / category targeting but have been struggling with irrelevant traffic. This will help curbing your Advertising Cost on Sales (ACoS).

  1. Customization in Auto campaign targeting

Bringing the best from both worlds, Amazon opens the options to regulate the scope of targeting (loose match / close match) while retaining USP of auto campaigns ie easy to setup and operate. Consider these matches as counterparts of broad and exact match types of manual campaigns. Furthermore, now you can allow campaigns to target SKUs that can be classified as substitutes or compliments to your products, greatly useful feature for the advanced marketeers who would like to strategize up-selling and cross-selling of their products.

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