Drive more engagement with these new features for Amazon Ads

Amazon recently introduced bunch of new features that let us edit Sponsored Brand ad creatives in live campaigns. These changes in live ad creative cover products, headline, and logos. Of-course once updated, it’d be go in ‘pending approval’ status and once approved by moderation team, you have the choice to pause the campaign or keep it live.

How to do this

Navigate to concerned Sponsored Brand campaign

Within the campaign under creative tab, click Edit Creative button

Perform desired edits and once you complete, click on Submit for review

Note: Each campaign can have only one “Pending approval” version at a time.

Have you tried the the taller SB ad units (new SB ad format) yet? If not, you should. Amazon has recently, increased the height of Sponsored Brands ads. Currently available only for mobile, the update is in-line to offer better experience for shoppers and to help drive engagement with your brand and products. As per Amazon, campaigns saw a 13% increase in click-through rate using taller ad units during their testing.

In order to create campaigns featuring the new, taller mobile ads, your brand logo must meet the Sponsored Brands creative guidelines. If your logo doesn’t meet the creative guidelines, your Sponsored Brands ad will continue to appear in the old layout.

If you do not have a brand logo that meets Amazon guidelines, don’t worry. You can still consider using Sponsored Products as an alternative.

Happy Advertising!

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